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We have decades of experience regarding economic analysis, offering continuous competitive advantage for businesses.
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We make specific and clear analyses affecting everyday business activities

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Our team has a banking, investment services and nonfinancial background as well

We have a wide network of financial relationships

In case of funding issues, we have the full support of the MKB Financial Group


Business planning, forecasting and economic analysis

The key element of the implementation of the corporate strategy is a business and financial plan, which cannot be prepared without the knowledge of the current and future domestic and international macroeconomic environment. Danube Capital contributes to the development of sound business plans through the following analyses.

Business planning

A high-quality, complex business plan is key to a company’s life, including a detailed presentation of the company’s products and services, a description of the ownership and capital structure, and a related marketing, operational, and financial plan.



Interpretations of national and international (United States, Eurozone) economic developments

For a domestic company, it is not only the direction is important where the Hungarian economy is heading, but it is also a key what is happening to its foreign partners. Whether they are foreign suppliers or foreign buyers, a well-trained business leader must also consider the developments of the internal and external markets.



The forecast of major national economic indicators (GDP, inflation, unemployment rate, wages)

Essential elements of a business and financial plan. Although these factors are outside the business, but constantly have an impact on the life of the business: from the interest rate on the loan to the cost of labour to the tax rates, they are all unavoidable factors.


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Sectoral analysis

Every business leader or business owner knows his company very well, certainly knows the competitors, but none of them really oversee the entire industry. Our sectoral analyses show the growth prospects of a given sector over the next three years; how overheated the sector is; whether growth, stagnation or decline is expected in the sector over the next few years.

Quarterly sector outlook

The company can find out how its sector has performed in recent years and how the sector has performed compared to other sectors. We can also make forecasts for the prospects of the sector from certain indicators (e.g., order-specific order data or sentiment indices).



Quarterly sector cycle analysis

The analysis shows the growth prospects of the sector (and the company) over the next three years. Knowing the industry’s outlook, the company can review its investment ideas and develop a plan accordingly.



Sector and competitor benchmark

The analysis shows how the company is performing relative to the industry average as well as its main competitors in terms of key metrics. The analysis covers the presentation of the differences and contains suggestion how the company should increase its efficiency compared to its main competitors.


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Company valuation services

The question of how much my company is worth does not only occur in the case of generation shift.

Individual company valuation, financial planning models

When it comes to considering and planning an investment, when evaluating selling a division of a company or the whole company, also in case of a generation shift, there is always a need to determine the value of the company.



Peer group comparison with publicly traded companies

In case of buying or selling a company it is especially important to compare the performance of the business with the national and international, public stock market companies. This way we can get a clear picture of what kind of differences in efficiency of the business has compared to other companies. This might affect the sale price of the company.


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Market research, customer profiling and creating customer segmentation

With the help of market research even the idea of a product or service can be tested among potential clients

Planning customer satisfaction surveys, its execution, analysis: among residential (B2C) and business (B2B) clients

We can answer questions such as how satisfied the clients are with the services, how delighted they are with a product, as well as determining the probability of them using a service or buying a product again.



Support of product-, and service development with the help of measuring the opinions of clients

Determining the assumptions of a potential group of customers or target group before introducing a new product or service. We can predict the probability of the clients buying a product, service.



Market research

Understanding the motivations of the clients’, costumers’ decision making at a deeper level. We give answers to important questions such as: who would buy the product? What kind of developments are worth doing?



Coordinating and managing of test purchases

We see the vendors’ or customer services’ performance through the eyes of the clients.



Fast research

Online surveys among residential clients within a few days. Short questionnaires, containing maximum a 5-6-minute series of questions online, in all topics.


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The greatest motivations are given to us through our clients’ feedbacks

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About Us

Danube Capital R&A Zrt. was established out of the strategic and analytic team of MKB Bank Nyrt., in 2019. Within MKB Bank our team has become one of the biggest strategic and analytic team in Hungary throughout the years, while supporting and managing the bank’s clients.

By establishing Danube Capital R&A Zrt. analysts’ outstanding professional knowledge accumulated within the MKB Financial Group, so that international-level macroeconomic, capital market, sectoral and market research competence has become available to the outside world. Through this, unique analysis, company evaluation, market research services; that is, we have a complex range of analytics services.

Our mission:
We believe that interpreting macroeconomic, sectoral, and sociological processes into the everyday language of businesses contributes to a development of a successful corporate sector.

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