We support Hungarian businesses with our knowledge finding their way to grow successfully.

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Business planning

The key element of the implementation of the corporate strategy is a business and financial plan, which cannot be prepared without the knowledge of the current and future domestic and international macroeconomic environment.


Market research

With the help of market research even the idea of a product or service can be tested among potential clients. Hence, the company can save time and energy ahead of a product or service launch, while it can also gain advantage during or ahead of the change in the products /services.

Sectoral analysis

Business leaders or business owners know their company very well, certainly know the competitors, but none of them really oversee the entire industry. Our sectoral analyses show the growth prospects of a given sector over the next three years to provide estimations about the future size of the market.

Company valuation

The question of how much my company is worth does not only occur in the case of generation shift, but also comes to the fore parallel to a selling or a buying proposal. Our team has expertise in valuation and transactions to provide fair value estimations and to provide ideas to increase this value.

Why should you choose us?

We have decades of experience regarding economic analysis, offering continuous competitive advantage for businesses.
Our analyses build values

With our knowledge we help companies find their way to a successful growth

We speak the language of the businesses

We make specific and clear analyses affecting everyday business activities

Decades of professional experience

Our team has a banking, investment services and nonfinancial background as well

We have a wide network of financial relationships

In case of funding issues, we have the full support of the MKB Financial Group



Media reports


The greatest motivations are given to us through our clients’ feedbacks

About Us

Danube Capital R&A Zrt. was established out of the strategic and analytic team of MKB Bank Nyrt., in 2019. Within MKB Bank our team has become one of the biggest strategic and analytic team in Hungary throughout the years, while supporting and managing the bank’s clients.

By establishing Danube Capital R&A Zrt. analysts’ outstanding professional knowledge accumulated within the MKB Financial Group, so that international-level macroeconomic, capital market, sectoral and market research competence has become available to the outside world. Through this, unique analysis, company evaluation, market research services; that is, we have a complex range of analytics services.

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